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  1. Washing my face with this guy
    It's like an electric toothbrush but for your face. It has given me such a deeper clean and has honestly changed the texture and tone of my skin. Love this thing and I can tell to difference in my skin texture and glow when I do and don't use it. I use it twice daily, morning and night. I bought mine in blue and use the silicon head.

  2. Bringing my own cup to the coffee shop
    I drink an iced coffee/cold brew every morning. We usually buy a half gallon of the cold brew we love from our favorite place and drink that throughout the week. However, every once in awhile, I like to actually go to the coffee shop and get a special Nitro Brew. In which case, I will bring in my own reusable cup, with a lid and straw. I receive a 25 cent discount and don't have to waste plastic. a win-win-win-win-win.

  3. Getting rid of the stuff I don't use
    I have been making space for the things I don't use/like/care about by donating/selling/recycling/tossing. It is a very, very freeing exercise. I love how after I get rid of something, I literally don't care at all. It's pretty cool. I feel disconnected from material objects and seeing them for what they are, just things that no longer bring me joy or are just crowding my space. I also feel like I am opening up my space for more of the things that suit my taste and my lifestyle. If this interests you at all, check out this book.

  4. My favorite shoes, of all time
    I am obsessed with these shoes. I love that they're vegan. They're incredibly comfortable. They look cute with everything. They're incredibly practical. Extremely well made. I wear them everyday and they're the only shoe I need besides this guy.

  5. Celebrating my cycle
    I am feeling so in tuned with my body and one of the things I am beginning to see as incredibly bad ass instead of a burden is my period and cycle. I always looked at it as a pain and something to be embarrassed about, however, it's actually a really special part of being a woman. I have synced my cycle to the lunar cycle, I track my ovulation and enjoy the monthly detox my body goes through. Super grateful for my period and reproductive health and you and should be, too! Check out this tool I use to track my ovulation.

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