sticking to your new years resolutions


And just like that, another year goes by and a new year is being celebrated. Some may think of the new year as a reset button and try to maintain new goals, new diets, new workout regimens, new plans- of course, the infamous New Years resolutions. Most of the time, these New Years resolutions may hold for 10 days at most (2 weeks if you’re lucky) because even if the new year comes and goes, old habits can die hard. So if you’re serious about reinventing some aspect of yourself, how do you stick to these New Years resolutions?

1) Start small. It’s more effective to make big changes slowly but surely instead of abruptly. For instance, if you’re thinking about starting a vegetarian or vegan diet for the new year and have never been exposed to these diets before, eliminating major food items right off the bat may be difficult and you end up more bound to cheat. When you eliminate certain foods gradually, you’re more likely to stick to any given new diet and see the results that you want.

2) Check up on yourself. See how well you’re sticking to your New Years resolutions  2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, or even 6 months from the start of the new year. Have you noticed significant changes? Have these resolutions become a part of your daily life? Evaluate if these changes have been made and if they have benefited you.

It’s never too late NOR too early to establish health goals and incorporate them into your daily life. When the clock officially strikes 12, you can decide what to do to better yourself or your own health, whether or not it’s big or small, or personal or interpersonal. But most importantly, embrace all that a new year entails.

Have a happy new year!!