the lux list / 3


I am getting married next week. whhhhaaaattt??? Total madness, I know. It doesn't seem real.
I didn't really dream of this moment when I was younger. It was always something I assumed would happen eventually but I didn't daydream about my dress, flowers or how my hair would look. I did, however, hope I'd marry someone fantastic and that's exactly what's happening.

Here are some of the essentials I've been using to be "wedding ready"

1. I've been enjoying this plant based collagen builder, which I've been taking nightly and aids in glowing, smooth skin.
2. Also been taking these daily to promote healthy hair growth. 
3. Mixing this with this and it's the best face mask EVER.
4. Incredibly hydrating rose hip oil
5. This night cream
6. Most comfortable sports bra ever.
7. My running shoes
8. Using this app for my personalized daily horoscope
9. Got some gorgeous honeymoon pieces from this vintage shop.
10. Still reading this book and learning how to balance my hormones and connect to my cycle. 
11. Been free-flowing journaling A LOT with this (best pen ever) and my handy monogrammed journal


the key to living a healthy life
is not willpower.

I will help you discover
what the real reason is behind your
unhealthy habits so that you
can truly evolve.