lemon water


It's so cheap. It's so simple. It's so delicious. And it's also really healthy. So, why not give it a go? Lemon water has become one of my favorite staples. Initially, I just appreciated the citrusy taste, the two seconds it takes to make and the break from regular H2O. But I soon noticed the routine of drinking it warm in the AM and then squeezed into my water bottle after lunch was making me a healthier human in a small but evident way. I began to do some research on the abilities of this little drink and I found that it has many impressive superpowers. 

1. detoxifies the liver:
The liver does a lot of work. It processes everything that our body consumes. It finds the useful nutrients and sends them to different places in the body or if it's something we don't need it prepares it to be eliminated. The body is so smart. If the liver gets overloaded with too much nonsense then it is impossible for it to do its job properly. Do you think you would feel well if your number one detoxifier can no longer rid the body of toxins? Nah, probably not. So, the most important thing to do is to feed the body nutrients and real food so the liver can do its job efficiently and happily. However, if you need to give this organ some extra TLC then drink some lemon water. Lemon has natural cleansing abilities and acidities that can help to break down bacteria and toxins in the belly so by the time they make their way to the liver, it doesn't have to work as hard to eliminate them. 

2. aids in digestion: 
Be sure to drink warm lemon water first thing when you wake up (and after you oil pull) The warmer temperature and the acidity in the lemon will give your digestion a boost, help to flush lingering toxins out and rehydrate you. It's also the perfect like push you need to get your bowels working again from your hibernation. Furthermore, because of the lemon's acidity and the fact that they activate the digestive juice, lemon water can help to break down food in the belly. I find if I eat too much, too quickly a glass of this elixir helps soothe my stomach and instantly makes me feel more comfortable. 

3. ramps up metabolism:
How many times do you see a skinny chick shoving her face with junk food and she explains it as, "Oh, I can eat whatever I want because my metabolism is really fast." Then you immediately send her a mental middle finger. First, let me say that some people are "blessed" with a fast metabolism so the junk they eat is quickly turned into fuel instead of being stored as fat. However, this will eventually catch up to them when they're metabolism slows down later in life. Also, just because you are thin doesn't mean you are healthy. This girl could potentially have problems with sleep, anxiety, acne, inflammation in the joints, a poor immune system, dry hair, etc. BACK TO THE LEMONS!!!!! Drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism which in turn, helps you to burn more calories. 

4. reduces inflammation:
In some ways, inflammation is essential. If you get a scrape on your knee, it becomes red or swollen (inflamed). This is the body initiating the heal process. With out it, we would never heal. However, there is another type of inflammation that is very unsexy. When we consume fake foods, the body sees it as an infection that must be healed. The body is literally like NOPE. THIS SHIT IS NOT NORMAL. And sends a response to attempt to fight it before it causes damage. Basically the whole body goes to war over this "intruder" aka "Treat" aka "Guilty Pleasure" which in turn creates chaos in the body. What are we doing to ourselves just so we can eat junk food? This is nuts! Anyways, our body's response to this is heaps of inflammation which comes out as rash, pimples, joint pain, high blood pressure and weight gain. So yea, drink some lemon water to decrease the inflammation. Because even if you eat a perfectly perfect diet, you can still get inflammation from stress and environmental factors. 

5. fights free radicals: 
Free radicals are assholes whose main mission is to make us look and feel bad. So rude. They enter the body through....you guessed it....junk food, chemicals, environmental factors, cigarettes, alcohol, pesticides, etc. Or, they are formed in the body when we have stress, inflammation, disease or by just growing older. How do we stop these guys? By eating fruits and vegetables. They contain an array of antioxidants that scavenge the body for free radicals that cause premature aging and disease. Lemon is packed full of Vitamin C which is a very powerful antioxidant. You need to drink water anyways, right? So you might as well squeeze some delicious free radical butt kicking juice in your glass as well.