5 common health myths debunked


Am I getting enough protein? If I don’t work out today, will it completely set me back? From time to time, we have all had these lingering thoughts. If you’re anything like me, you tend to take advice from those around you and just assume that it’s true- ESPECIALLY when it comes to health and wellness. But how often are these claims backed up? Should you take others’ word of mouth, or is it time to clarify some things for yourself? Below are 5 common misconceptions DEBUNKED.

Also, I put a picture of some yummy vegan pizza up there because although I am not including it as one of the health myths below, I really feel it deserves a special shout out. You wouldn't typically think of pizza as a health food but every since I started a plant based lifestyle, I eat pizza all the time, no cheese or meat of course, but loaded with tons of veggies and greens. I used to get sick from it and now I eat it all the time, guilt free. I think that is the myth about "eating clean", that you can't enjoy the foods that you love. But that is the ultimate myth! Eat more pizza! 


1. Myth: Eating carbs after a certain time is bad

It is commonly believed that if you eat carbs after 6 pm, it will be stored as fat in the body. However, there is no biological clock that magically turns carbs into fat! This is a common misconception because people tend to move less in the evening, thus the carbs they ingest may not be used for energy input. Carbs are often found in dense, fiber-filled vegetables as well, so in reality, there’s no dire need to limit carb intake for a yummy dinner!


2. Myth: You need to limit your sugar intake- this means reducing your fruit intake

Yes, sugar is sugar. Whether you’re consuming refined or natural sugars, your body still recognizes it in the same way. However, refined sugars present in everything ranging from candy to granola bars provide solely empty calories. When you eat fruit, you’re provided with fiber-filled nutrients and vitamins, AND fruits generally provide low calories, so you can indulge without feeling guilty.  The pros definitely outweigh the cons! 


3. Myth: Vegans don’t get enough protein

You’re most likely constantly being badgered to incorporate more protein into your diet. But did you know the average person consumes more than the needed amount of protein per day? Often, it is heard that vegans have trouble getting protein from non-animal sources, but dense foods like chickpeas, lentils, beans, tofu, and tempeh all provide significant amounts of protein that are bound to keep you filled. Or how about nuts, which are filled with healthy fats, or quinoa, a complex carb source? It’s truly that easy to incorporate more protein into your diet.


4. Myth: You need to work out extensively every day to be healthy

Rest days are essential. After all, how can you work to improve yourself if you’re constantly sore or depleted? Moderate forms of exercise 3 or 4 days a week are truly all you need to feel healthy. If you feel the need to do intense cardio or strength training to the point where you can’t function otherwise, you’re missing out on either much needed respite or other activities life has to offer that don’t involve a grueling sweat sesh. Give your body a week deserved break when need be, I promise one or two days will not set you completely back!


5. Myth: If you meditate once you will automatically be more mindful, happy, peaceful, calm, etc.

If only it were that easy. Often when people start to meditate, they either have trouble because their minds go into a frenzy, or they don’t see immediate benefits. As with everything worth trying in life, it takes time, dedication, and persistence in order to fully seek the benefits of meditation. Doing it once doesn’t entail that you’ll feel more relaxed or less stressed- it’s something you need to continuously work on truly depending on how you feel that day. Life is fickle, so meditation can most certainly help, but it’s crucial to be patient with it.