7 morning rituals to get your mojo back


Stop telling yourself that you're not a morning person. I used to be like you and dread the AM but now it is my absolute favorite part of the day. Follow these 7 tips and you will begin to get your mornings off on the right foot, which will then lead to a more productive, healthy day. 

Whatever your drink of choice may be, it is important to rehydrate yourself after a night of sleep. Here is a list of my favorite morning elixirs. 

The first thing I do in the morning is make the bed. It represents the end of a nourishing rest and the beginning of a new day.  It doesn't matter if I am at home or on vacation, it is part of my morning routine. It makes me happy to have my home clean and instantly makes my life feel less chaotic. Also, it makes getting into bed at the end of the day that much cozier.

Before you get out of bed and seize the day, set an intention for the next 24 hours. What is it that you want to accomplish? What are your goals? I like to have a mini convo with myself always beginning with, "What do I need to get done today?". In addition to my to-do list of errands, emails and meetings, I sometimes say that I want to drink 4 Liters of water that day or try and not say the word "like" as much. Saying your intention aloud makes you more accountable and more likely to work at it. I find that it also gets my mind working and prevents me from falling back asleep, which is an added bonus.  Another exercise that I love is to think about what I am grateful for. Maybe it is that you had one of those nights that seems like you slept for 20 hours but it was really only 8 or the fact that you have a roof over your head, whatever it may be, say it out loud. If you have someone sleeping next to you, ask them what they're grateful for as well. Such a lovely way to start the morning.

I feel like I am always pushing oil pulling on my friends. Coconut oil is just the greatest thing ever. Read my post about all the amazing benefits ASAP. I go into more detail about oil pulling and coconut oil in my previous post about this life changing oil- but all you have to do is put a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth, (before you brush your teeth, drink water, anything!)swish it around for ten-fifteen minutes and then spit it out. Fifteen minutes sounds like a long time but do it while you feed the pets, make your bed and take a shower. Time will fly! Oil pulling rids your mouth of toxins and your teeth of plaque, gives you a whiter smile, improves acne, cures tooth decay, kills bad breath and boosts your immune system. epic. 

Set your alarm for the time that you want to wake up. Simple as that. Turn off the snooze option on your phone so that you aren't even tempted to close your eyes and fall back asleep. I am not saying that you must spring out of bed the instant your alarm starts ringing, but hitting the snooze button every ten minutes will make you feel even more groggy throughout the day. Take those extra twenty minutes that you would have used to snooze and give yourself back the extra time so that you're not rushed. Take these few moments to stretch, exercise, watch the news, meditate, make a smoothie, go over your to-do list, etc. The AM is a magical time, so enjoy it.

Looking for a jolt of energy? As soon as you finish making your bed, get to the bathroom and fill the sink with ice cold water. Then, dunk your face in it. hold for few seconds. breathe. repeat. I do this continually for about three minutes, which is .0021% of your total day, so there is no excuse not to do it.  The ice water facial instantly makes you feel like you downed an entire jug of iced coffee, minus the jitters. But more importantly, it makes your skin look fabulous- smaller bags under the eyes, tighter skin, more even skin tone and less puffiness. 

The greatest way to progress in life is to build a routine and maintain it. At least that is what works for me. So, get your groove going from the moment you start your day. Wake up at the same time everyday. Exercise. Eat a nourishing breakfast. Do work. See friends. Watch Jeopardy. Cook dinner. Read. Blah. Blah. Blah. I am someone who gets very distracted and can veer off track quite easily. Therefore, I need a plan. I neeeeeeed a routine. And for me, it all begins when I open my eyes. Sticking to the formula early in the day sets you up for successful afternoon and evening. So, plan ahead. Make lists if you need to. Be accountable.