the truth about your produce

Ok, so you're in the grocery store and you're buying fruit and veggies. We all recognize those white, circular stickers with a code. These numbers are for more than just looking up a product, they actually tell you if it's genetically modified, organic or conventionally grown. Knowledge is power!

Here is the low down-

If a fruit or vegetable has a four digit code, it has been grown traditionally with the use of pesticides. If the produce you are buying has five numbers, the first being an eight, the product is a GMO (genetically modified organism) A GMO is an organism that has been altered by adding in another organism's DNA. The main reason GMOs are used is so that the plants can withstand harsher weather conditions, bugs and disease. We do not know the long term effects of GMOs but it's basically the entire premise of Jurassic World, the latest installment of the series. AKA mixing different genes of dinosaurs and animals = a "super human" monster takes over and kills or hurts hundreds of innocent people. Moving on, if the code is five numbers and begins with a nine then it is not genetically modified and it is organic. 

four digit code: traditionally grown with pesticides
five digit code, beginning with 8: GMO
five digit code, beginning with 9: Organic (not GMO or sprayed with pesticides, best option)

Obviously we want to be eating organic as often as possible but I get that it's not always an option. Below is a list of the "dirty dozen", produce that should be bought organic as often as possible as they contain the most pesticide residue. Fruits and vegetables where you discard of the skin like bananas, oranges or mangoes are considered "cleaner" foods because the skin acts as a barrier. However, if you are putting inorganic lemons in a cup of hot water, think about all the pesticides that you are drinking. ew. Pesticides can damage your nervous, reproductive and endocrine (glands that control metabolism, sleep, mood and sexual function) systems. Additionally, they are linked to cancer, Alzheimer's and birth defects. 

1. strawberries
2. apples
3. nectarines
4. peaches
5. celery
6. grapes
7. cherries
8. spinach
9. tomato
10. sweet peppers
11. cherry tomatoes
12. cucumber

You wouldn't put pesticides in your salad dressing, so buy organic. Otherwise, the beautiful salad you made for dinner is just filled with disease creating bullshit that is keeping you unhealthy and unhappy. And that's how I feel about that.

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