40 ways to practice self-love today

Practicing SELF LOVE is so important to incorporate into our daily lives. Not only should we be appreciating our beautiful bodies but we should be showing and giving ourselves love everyday. You may sometimes feel like you don't have the time to be giving yourself attention when you have so many other people and things to be concentrating on. Whether it may be your career, children, home or partner, in order to be your greatest self to those aspects of your life, you need to make yourself a priority. At least for a few moments each day. 

1. oil pull
2. dry bush your body in the direction of your heart
3. stretch. touch your toes or just dangle
4. write in a journal about the things in your life you are grateful for
5. call an old friend to catch up or a new friend to make plans
6. use a coconut oil deep conditioning mask on your hair
7. drink hot water with lemon or herbal tea
8. go for a walk outside
9. play with your pet
10. soak your feet in epsom salt
11. go to the farmer's market or pick up ingredients at the grocery store to create a healthy meal
12. fill a water bottle, carry it around with you and set a goal for how many times you will refill it
13. go to a park and lay in the grass
14. turn your TV off and put your phone out of sight
15. take a hot bath with thyme, epsom salt and 3 tbs of olive oil. breathe
16. look at photographs from when you were a child or a happy time in your life
17. stand in the rain and just let it fall on you
18. sleep in and don't set an alarm
19. brush your hair with a wooden brush
20. turn on some jams and dance
21. massage your body with coconut oil
22. sprint around the block
23. rub your feet with lots of coconut oil and put cozy socks on
24. meditate
25. sit in a quiet space and read an inspiring book
26. call your grandma or grandpa
27. set a timer for 10 minutes. In that time, sit with a notebook and write all the things you want for your life career wise (or another topic)
28. make a to-do list to get organized, not stressed out
29. sign up for a new work out class like kick boxing, pilates, dance, etc.
30. go to meetup.com and find groups of people who like doing the same things as you. actually attend a meet up
31. check your bank statement, make sure all your bills are paid, know how much money you have
32. make healthy and creative plans with a friend like going for a walk, playing frisbee or doing tie-dye
33. purge your closet and organize it. donate anything you no longer wear
34. clean your makeup brushes. They get dirty and cause acne!
35. breathe deeply in and out of your nose
36. go through you fridge and pantry and get rid of anything that would deter your health goals
37. have a conversation with yourself aloud
38. look at yourself in the mirror naked without  judgement
39. drink a green juice
40. set 1, 3 and 6 months goals for yourself and be specific about how you will achieve them