real talk: vitamin b-12


B-12 is the only vitamin you cannot get from a plant based diet. It's not the vegetable's fault though, it's ours! Our ancestors used to be able to get B-12 from the bits of leftover soil that would be on their veggies. These days we wash our plants so well (namely, because we have to try to get off the pesticides) that we no longer get the B-12 we need. Vitamin B-12 deficiency is really common and the symptoms are a lack of focus and fatigue. So how do I get my daily dose of B-12 without eating meat you may ask? Every morning I spray one squirt of liquid B-12 into my mouth and that's it. Very easy. Now, some people may be thinking that this is just a prime example of why a plant based lifestyle isn't "natural" and we need to be eating meat in order to be receiving all the vitamins we need. (HA!) Well, let's break it down. Let's say a cow is in a field and eating grass. She is bound to eat some dirt which contains B-12. When you eat their meat you will eat the B-12 in their body. So, this seems pretty natural, and although you are also eating all the gross cholesterol, hormones, fat and antibiotics that comes along with eating animals, you are still getting the B-12 that the cow naturally got through the earth. However, it is really rare that cows/pigs/chickens are in a field eating grass. In fact, they are in cages and dark warehouses and they aren't being fed their natural diet. They are fed corn, hormones and other byproducts which have zero B-12. Animals, like humans, need B-12 to survive. Therefore, they are being given B-12 supplements and that is the B-12 you are consuming. 

So, would you rather take a vegan/organic B-12 supplement yourself or consume the unnatural supplement through an animal's muscle, milk or eggs? 

The more you know.