I work with clients who are struggling with body acceptance and low self-worth. I help them overcome their struggles with body image and empower them to fully love and accept themselves. You will become re-connected with your body and intuitive about what your body is truly craving.

I find that once clients reconnect with their bodies, they tend to make healthier choices in all areas of their lives and things that may have seemed difficult before (weight loss, energy, healthy eating, physical activity and routine) flow into their lives with ease.

I will not tell you what to eat or how to exercise. I do not believe diets are sustainable or affective. Instead, you will learn tools to eat intuitively and make lifestyle changes that empower you to live your happiest, healthiest life- on your own terms.

COaching may BE FOR you if YOU…

  • have low self-worth that is keeping you from living up to your full potential

  • have negative self-talk as a typical part of your inner dialogue

  • believe your self-worth is determined by your weight and physical appearance

  • are constantly on the cycle of dieting and restricting followed by over-eating and regret

  • have trouble keeping yourself “motivated” or lacking the “willpower” to live a healthy lifestyle

  • believe you are “broken” or “need fixing” before you can achieve your goals

  • are ready to accept your body, love yourself fully and begin living the life you deserve


We will begin with scheduling a complimentary introductory session. During this call we will go over your story and your specific goals. We will discuss what has and what has not been working for you and
I will give you clear-cut action items to begin to move towards your objectives.

Where are the sessions?

Coaching sessions are done virtually over Zoom. Therefore, you can be located near or far and we can still have the opportunity to work together.

What are the rates?

We will review all of the details of working together over your complimentary introductory session. Contact me to to get scheduled.

schedule your complimentary introductory session