hey, I am Maddy


Thank you for coming to my website and connecting with me.

I am a yoga teacher and wellness coach who helps clients reconnect and accept their bodies.

I’ve been there. I have tried all of the things- all the diets, all exercise plans, all the books. And none of it ever worked long term. I would eventually lose motivation or would feel too restricted. I was always trying to fix the problem I had with myself- the fact that I didn’t love and accept my body as it was.

It wasn’t until I made a mindset shift around acceptance and self-worth that my life began to change. Instead of trying to fix myself, I began to see myself as whole- zero fixing necessary. Once I took the pressure off of myself to be something better, I naturally began to make healthier, more sustainable choices.
This completely altered the way that I viewed myself and the world around me.

Now I help others struggling with the same issues through coaching and yoga.

Interested in working together?